How PULSALARM works on your iPhone.

Operating the iOS version

Tips on how to install and use
This screen will be displayed when you start the app and should inform you that the app only works in combination with your Apple Watch. For continuous heart rate monitoring at short intervals, you must start an activity on your Apple Watch.
Inactive pulse measurement
If the grey bar is displayed, the app is still inactive. However, you can only start the heart rate monitor from your Apple Watch.
Pulse measurement "Green range"
After the start of the pulse measurement, the display remains green until you have reached your set lower pulse limit for the first time.
As long as you then move within the set pulse range, your current pulse is displayed in green digits.
Pulse measurement "Red range"
If you leave the set pulse range above the upper or lower limit, your current pulse is displayed in red digits.
Setting the pulse limits
With the -/+ stepper you can set your upper and lower pulse limit. The set values are also transferred to the PULSALARM app on your Apple Watch.
Setting the maximum heart rate (MHR)
If you know your MHR (green switch point), then you enter the value via the -/+ stepper.
Your intensity ranges are determined on the basis of this value.
Setting the maximum heart rate (MHR)
If you don't know your MHR (white switch point), it is calculated using a MHR formula. For this you have to select the switch areas woman or man and enter your age using the -/+ stepper.
Based on the calculated value your training areas are determined.
Intensity ranges
Based on your maximum heart rate, the pulse limits of your intensity ranges are determined and displayed. The arrow symbol takes you to a page with further information on the respective intensity range.