How PULSALARM works on your Apple Watch.

Operating the WatchOS version

Tips on how to use
Tips on how to use
This screen is displayed when you launch the app and is a reminder that you need to start an activity on your Apple Watch. If you've already started the Training app or your favorite fitness or running app, simply tap left to go to the next screen.
Inactive pulse measuring
Inactive pulse measurement
If the grey bar is displayed, the app is still inactive. With the green triangle you can start the pulse measurement.
If you want to change the pulse limits, tap on the up or down arrow and the setting wheel for the respective pulse limit appears.
Setting pulse
Pulse measurement "Green range"
After starting the pulse measurement, the display remains green until you have reached your set pulse lower limit for the first time (see picture on the left).
As long as you are then moving in the set pulse range, your current pulse is displayed in green digits (see picture on the right).
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Pulse measurement "Red range"
If you leave the set pulse range above the upper or lower limit, your current pulse is displayed in red digits. Depending on the setting, you will also be informed by a signal tone and/or vibration.
The following settings can be selected here:
- Setting the upper pulse limit / deactivating the upper pulse limit
- Setting the lower pulse limit / deactivating the lower pulse limit
- Audible warning signal on/off
- Haptic warning signal (vibration) on/off
Setting "Inactive pulse limit"
The upper and lower pulse limit can be set inactive in the settings menu. If a limit is inactive, it is no longer displayed during pulse measurement (see picture on the right).